Salt Alternatives

Organic Salt Alternatives: Beet molasses; cheese brine; garlic salt; potato juice; pickle brine.

Many towns and private contractors are adopting more effective measures to prevent dangerous road conditions. Using sugar solutions, and or brines, before anticipated snowfall has been demonstrated to be more effective than using solid rock salt. These liquid mixtures are also more effective in lower temperatures.

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Sand: While still an option, sand is not a very popular alternative as it does have its drawbacks. Sand is expensive to clean for reuse and is often disposed of after the season is over. It can run off roads to clog sewer systems or any other kind of run-off infrastructure. Sand also contains the nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen which when loaded into lakes and streams can exacerbate eutrophication and bacteria growth.

Dry organics: Wood soot, coal and ash, saw dust, wood pulp. Organic dry substances that stick to the ice and snow to create traction are fine alternatives for small areas such as a walk way or front stoop. These options are best used for smaller areas around the home or small business.